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Robert Galbraith - Career of EvilLes premières phrases

«  He had not managed to scrub off all her blood. A dark line like a parenthesis lay under the middle fingernail of his left hand. He set to digging it out, although he quite liked seeing it there: a memento of the previous day’s pleasures. After a minute’s fruitless scraping, he put the bloody nail in his mouth and sucked. The ferrous tang recalled the smell of the torrent that had splashed wildly onto the tiled floor, spattering the walls, drenching his jeans and turning the peach-coloured bath towels – fluffly, dry and neatly folded – into blood-soaked rags.

Colours seemed brighter this morning, the world a lovelier place. He felt serene and uplifted, as though he had absorbed her, as though her life had been transfused into him. They belonged to you once you had killed them: it was a possession way beyond sex. Even to know how they looked at the moment of death was an intimacy way past anything two living bodies could experience.  »

Circonstances de lecture

Voici la suite des aventures du détective privé Cormoran Strike, sous la plume de Robert Galbraith, alias J.K. Rowling.


Décidément, j’adore J.K.Rowling et son nouveau héros, le détective privé Cormoran Strike, ancien soldat mutilé. Quand son assistante, Robin, reçoit par la Poste une jambe de femme, Cormoran sait qu’on le vise personnellement. Il se met aussitôt à enquêter sur quatre personnes de son passé susceptibles de ce genre d’horreur. Reste que le serial killer entend bien parvenir à ses fins…

Ici, J.K.Rowling nous plonge dans une histoire des plus sombres, avec un serial killer entre Hannibal Lecter du Silence des Agneaux et un Jack L’Éventreur moderne. Glaçant… Elle n’en oublie pas pour autant de faire évoluer les relations entre son héros et sa jolie assistante, qui s’apprête à épouser son fiancé… Un thriller glaçant, sanglant, plein de suspens – et d’humour, aussi ! Disponible en version française en mars 2016.

Un passage parmi d’autres

 Up the echoing metal staircase that wound around the broken birdcage lift she walked, her heels clanging on the metal. The glass door flashed as she unlocked and opened it and the engraved legend – C. B. STRIKE, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR – stood out darkly.

She had arrived deliberately early. They were currently inundated with cases and she wanted to catch up with some paperwork before resuming her daily surveillance of a young Russian lap-dancer. From the sound of heavy footfalls overhead, she deduced that Strike was still upstairs in his flat.

Robin laid her oblong package on the desk, took off her coat and hung it, with her bag, on a peg behing the door, turned on the light, filled and switched on the kettle, then reached for the sharp letter-opener on her desk. Remembering Matthew’s flat refusal to believe that it had been flanker Jacques Burger’s curly mane she had been admiring, rather than Strike’s short and frankly pube-like hair, she made an angry stab on the end of the package, slit it open and pulled the box apart.

A woman’s severed leg had been crammed sideways in the box, the toes of the foot bent back to fit.

Robert Galbraith – Career of Evil – 2015 (Sphere)